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What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?

Heated Packaged Food Merchandisers
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Island Hot Food Merchandiser

Chicken warmer island

3'x5' Single Tier / 14 rotisserie chickens
3'x5' Double Tier / 26 rotisserie chickens
3'x6' Single Tier / 18 rotisserie chickens
3'x6' Double Tier / 32 rotisserie chickens
4'x6' Single Tier / 31 rotisserie chickens
4'x6' Double Tier / 49 rotisserie chickens

Single Tier height - 52.5"
Double Tier height - 67.75"

Mobile Rotisserie Chicken Warmer

mobile Rotisserie Chicken Warmer
  • Heat plate/w anodized aluminum surface
  • Glass side panels contain heat
  • High pressure laminate base
  • Powder coated upper section
  • NSF-4 Overhead warmer
  • Lower shelving provides display area
  • Casters provide mobility
  • 1-1/4" PTM on lower display shelves


  • Various colors/patterns of laminate
  • Top mount electrical cord

  • Multi-Deck Rotisserie Chicken Warmer

    Multi-deck chicken warmer

    Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths.

    Size / Approximate Capacity
    4' x 24" x 56" / 28 rotisserie chick ens
    6' x 24" x 56" / 44 rotisserie chickens
    8' x 24" x 56" / 60 rotisserie chickens

    4' x 36" x 56" / 48 rotisserie chickens
    6' x 36" x 56" / 58 rotisserie chickens
    8' x 36" x 56" / 70 rotisserie chickens

    Can be used as end cap, wall or free standing
    unit or included in a lineup.

    Octagon Rotisserie Hot Food Merchandiser

    Octagon Island Chicken Warmer -Double Tier

    Single Tier
    (50"x50"x 49"height)
    Holds (approx.) 16 rotisserie chickens
    Double Tier
    (50"x50"x 64"height)
    Holds (approx.) 32 rotisserie chickens


    Round Rotisserie Chicken Warmer

    60 inch round chicken warmer

    Single Tier
    (60" diameter x 49"height)
    Holds (approx.) 22 rotisserie chickens
    Double Tier
    (60" diameter x 64"height)
    Holds (approx.) 44 rotisserie chickens

    Spec Sheets

    Island Hot Food Merchandiser

    Mobile Rotisserie Chicken Warmer

    Multi-Deck Hot Food Merchandiser

    Octagon Hot Food Merchandiser

    Round Hot Food Merchandiser

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    What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures? What's new at R&D Fixtures?


    What's new at R&D Fixtures? R&D Fixtures - Merchandising Equipment